The brand ‚by Aylin Koenig‘ was founded in 2018 by Aylin Freund and her husband Tobias Freund. The name Koenig is her artist name and the maiden name of her mother.

Our focus is on natural materials and high quality. Whenever possible we go for a sustainable option for example with material choices such as recycled cashmere, recycled cotton, Lyocell and Eco Vero Viscose. This concerns also our trims. In our SS20 collection for example we are using buttons made of coconuts.

Since 2019 we are producing in Italy only. All of our yarns for knitwear are Italian yarns. Most of our fabrics are also from Italy or another european country. Even our labelling such as hangtags and mainlabels are produced in Italy.

With our designs we are aiming to create timeless and tasteful pieces that can be worn for a very long time and for every occasion.

Made for you with love,

by Aylin Koenig