Alpaca wool is one of the finest and most expensive types of wool. This is mainly due to its slight sheen, its silky-soft structure and its pleasant wearing comfort. As the name suggests, it comes from the alpacas. It is particularly popular because of the fine fibres, which are light and airy on the skin. In addition to being comfortable to wear, alpaca wool scores with other properties that underline its exclusive character:

  • Alpaca wool is known for being particularly resistant and hard-wearing. That is why alpaca clothing is also considered to be particularly durable.
  • The fibers of the alpaca wool are hollow on the inside and therefore have a first-class heat retention capacity. Especially at low temperatures, alpaca wool retains body heat better than any other wool.
  • Alpaca wool is very odor neutralizing. That’s why it has to be washed very rarely – often it’s enough to air alpaca clothing outside.
  • It is extremely soft and comfortable to wear