Linen is one of the most popular natural materials for clothing of all kinds. From its special feel and its pleasant wearing comfort in hot weather to its natural look: for many, linen is a classic summer material. Made from the flax plant, linen has many other positive properties:

  • Unlike cotton, flax fibers are made up of small bundles. This makes the fabric more durable and robust.
  • Linen has a cooling effect and is particularly comfortable to wear in summer.
  • Due to its ecological, skin-soft and naturally hygienic nature, the flax fiber is also ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Linen is lint free.
  • Almost all parts of the flax plant are used in the harvest. It is a renewable resource that requires very little irrigation when growing. Being made from 100% natural fibers, linen is also biodegradable, making it very sustainable.